Slurf - wxpypg

Most companies need small database apps for things like phone numbers,invoices and more.
Slurf is an frontend for postgresql.
Slurf is developed for fast and easy data entry of things like invoices/customer data and things like that.
Slurf makes it easy to work with existing sql databases, it eliminates the need for special application development.
The software is available for Linux,Mac and Windows.

!! Slurf is no longer maintained

Slurf is open source software, downloading and using slurf implies you agree to the terms.
Be sure to test slurf before using it with valuable company data.
Using slurf is your choice, we will not be held accountable for any damage.
slurf is partly based on work by randall smith

Be sure to contact me if you're planning on using it, a lot of features are undocumented (mostly the layout/xml possibilities, I can provide you with some examples but would prefer not to put these online).
Slurf uses Python2.x, doesn't work with Python3.
If you need a build not listed just contact me.
Linux (also install gnome-print if you plan to print stuff)
For Centos/Fedora,requires wxpython >=2.8 or "yum install wxPython"
Download v0.41
None right now
Mac os X
None right now
For Windows (XP & Vista)
Download v0.40
Download v0.40