atprov door Bram Van Steenlandt - diomedia

atprov is a collection of python script to make configuration of the atcom phones in easier (in combination with asterisk or callweaver).
It has the following features:
-Synchronisation with phonebook (uses postgresql server)
-A new phone is configured by the scipt and the values in sip.conf are also filled in automaticly (well kind off).
-You can fully configure a phone within 60 seconds this way, which may be usefull if tou have a lot of phones

python,isc-dhcp-server,postgresql-server,python cheetah templates, python psycopg module
It is also essential that this script runs on the same machine as callweaver/asterisk and isc-dhcp-server
The way this scipt is now pre-configured is for freebsd and callweaver, you can adjust some parameters in atcom.conf.
The atcom template should also be reviewed by you so it matches your situation.
The software has been tested to work on both the atcom 530 and the atcom 620 phones.
It's open source and beta software, downloading means you agree and aknowledge this.
There are no doubt still lot's of bugs so test the program before you put it to use.
Using this software is entirely on your on risk, we provide NO guarantee at all.